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Open position as Customer Success Specialist!

🌟 Join Our Growing Team in Active Sitting as Customer Success Specialist 🌟


Do you practice Active Sitting on a daily basis?

Are you passionate about helping others and providing exceptional customer experiences?

Do you excel in advisory, communication, sales, and social media engagement?

If so, we want YOU to be a part of our team! ❤️


🚀 Position: Customer Success Specialist

📍 Location: Anywhere in the world! It is a fully remote position!

📅 Application Deadline: 26.10.2023


🌟 About Us: At Active Sitting, we are committed to delivering top-notch products and unbeatable customer service.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers have better and full life by offering the best and unique methods for self-help out there.

📌 Responsibilities: As a Customer Success Specialist, you will:

  • Engage with customers via phone and social media to answer inquiries and provide assistance.
  • Offer personalized product recommendations to customers.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by addressing their concerns and helping them achieve success with our products.
  • Process customer orders and ensure accurate and timely delivery.
  • Promote and sell our products to potential customers.
  • Create engaging social media content to promote our products and engage with our audience.

🌟 Qualifications: To excel in this role, you should have:

  • Excellent written and spoken English skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Sales and customer service experience is a plus.
  • Social media savvy with the ability to create engaging content.
  • A passion for helping customers achieve their goals.
  • A proactive and problem-solving mindset.

💼 What We Offer:

  • Attractive performance-based remuneration package.
  • Opportunities for career growth within our dynamic team.
  • Ongoing training and development to enhance your skills.
  • A supportive and collaborative work environment… together with Koko & Iva.
  • The chance to make a meaningful impact on our customers’ success.
  • Work from wherever you are! From home or from anywhere your heart desires!

📩 How to Apply:

  • Ready to join our team and make a difference?
  • Send your CV and a brief cover letter explaining why you’re the perfect fit for this role to careers@activesitting.bg.
  • Don’t forget to include your favourite customer success story!

Join us in helping customers succeed and delivering excellence! 🌟

Koko & Iva

Active Sitting ❤️

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8 Коментара

  • Светлана

    Позицията е с английски,но ако решите занапред да разширите дейността с португалски език със удоволствие ще ви помогна.
    С уважение

    • Галя Димитрова

      Аз също много бих се радвала да работя с вас аз също съм мед.лице(мед.фелдшер) и мисля че хората трябва да се лекуват по различен начин

  • Силвия Стоянова

    Аз съм в Италия и вече имате фенове тук. Успях да оправя болка в кръста и крака на една моя позната, благодарение на гимнастиката. Аз си оправих болката в рамото. Ако имате нужда от италиански, на линия съм. Колегата пита има ли гимнастика за алегрия от всякакъв прах.
    Благодаря Коко!

  • Sabina Tabakova

    Sometimes we look for things that we believe we don’t have around us and most of the times they are right there in front of us!
    So here I am.
    We have to start from somewhere and I am happy that you have such a nice page content in English this time.
    As everything else I do around you I would love to start that one too.
    Be there for the people and most probably connect with someone who would take it from there as the new team member this time in English! That’s how together we’ll set first steps for Active Sitting around the world, right!

  • Sabina Tabakova

    Often we look for things away from us not seeing that we already have them right here! So here I am!
    We have to start from somewhere!
    I would love to be the help and support for anyone interested to start his own transformation with our method!
    I am very proud and happy to see that you as my teachers and leaders created this page in English too. It is a step for Active Sitting to become popular and not only but to be practiced around the whole world, right?
    I believe by doing so we’ll find or connect to the person who would love to be a part of our team and spread the support and care in English around the globe!

  • Михаела Желева

    Харесвам Вашата програма много искам да науча много повече живея в UK от 20 години работя като медицинска сестра в операционата всичките ми колеги включително и аз имаме много проблеми физически и психични и искам да им помогна

  • Elitsa Slavchova

    I applied! Thank you for the opportunity

  • Stoyan

    Аз съм с английски, френски, испански, холандски и гръцки, и съм заинтересован.


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